Shop for your petite clothes online

Every woman will want to dress fashionably. Petite women are no exception. With the rapid growth of technology and internet, petite women can look into buying their petite clothes online. There are a lot of such websites to buy petite clothes online. These websites are also known as online fashion shop or fashion E-Commerce shops. The most commonly known online fashion shops are Zalora, Lazada, and Banana Republic. They sell thousands of different clothing with different styles and sizes, aimed to cater to the mass market. In there, you can find petite clothing as well.

These online fashion shops are taking a huge market share away from the fashion retail shops. People shop less frequent at the retail shops these days. Many people prefer to spend their time browsing the online fashion shops and making their purchases there. The reasons behind their motivations to shop at the online fashion shops vary. One reason is the convenience of shopping at the online fashion shops. With an internet access and a smart technological device such as smart phone or computer, one will be able to access the online fashion shops from anywhere at anytime. Compares to the need of physically visiting retail shops, visiting online fashion shops will save a lot of time and effort.

Another reason is the diversity of the clothing. Online fashion shops usually offer a larger range of clothes than the retail fashion shops. With more clothing of different styles and sizes to choose from, customers will definitely flock to the online fashion shops.

In addition, online fashion shops usually offer cheaper clothing to customers as well. They also claim that they will be able to pass the cost savings from avoiding the rental of physical retail shop to their customers. At the very least, the clothing offered by the online fashion shops is usually 20% cheaper than similar clothing put up by the physical retail shops.

Take advantage of these online fashion shops and shop for your petite clothes online!

Office Clothes For Petite Women

My previous post shared about casual dressing tips for petite women. In this post, I shall share tips on office dressing for petite women instead!

Some of the tips which would apply to casual dressing would not apply to office wear for petite women who want to look taller.

Tip 1: Wear a structured blazer with a sleek floor length pants. This creates a great office look while helping you look taller as a petite woman if you were to also wear heels underneath your floor length pants. You can see how this outfit looks on the left most picture of the video thumbnail.

Tip 2: Wear a white blouse along with a high waisted skirt. This creates a great office look as you can see from the third outfit from the left in the thumbnail. Tuck in the blouse and with a thin belt, you would look very feminine and create a great business casual look.

Tip 3: You don’t need very tailored tops and bottoms. You just need one really tailored piece (e.g. the bottom) and wear a very casual top. Then simply put a blazer over that and you would still give off a business look and appear taller as a petite woman. (Check out the outfit second from the right for this look).

In my opinion, do not just read the tips which I have summarized from the video. Make sure to check out her channel if you wish to learn more about office dressing for petite women or read petite fashion blogs like Prudence petite style and Extra Petite to further your knowledge about petite fashion dressing. There may not appear to be many types of clothing a petite woman can wear for the business setting and still look great, but with the right tips as per above, you will notice that there are actually a lot in reality

Why You Should Read Petite Fashion Blogs

If you’re a petite woman, it is definitely highly recommended that you read or check out petite fashion bloggers and their blogs. I know that some of you will be skeptical because they may be promoting online blog shops e.t.c. on certain posts. However, from my experience, it is definitely better to have read their petite clothing blogs than not reading it. Here’s why.

Petite fashion bloggers usually share the best online places to buy petite clothes. In certain parts of United States, it can be really difficult to find clothing stores offline near your suburb. Therefore, it can be really daunting and difficult to find a reliable online website selling good quality petite clothes for women. When you read these blogs, you will at least have a better idea of what stores actually sell petite clothes online. Granted, you do not need to purchase from the recommended stores by these petite clothing blogs, and some of these posts may be sponsored, but at least you will know more places online to buy petite clothes. That information would be useful to you in future if you ever need it.

Next of all, petite fashion bloggers like Extra Petite or Prudence Petite Style will also usually share their advice on how to look taller. This is really helpful and for those fearful of sponsored content, these are definitely free pieces of advice which will help you look and dress better as a petite woman in the States. There are so many places online selling plus sized clothes and giving advice on looking slimmer, but there are so few websites sharing tips and advice on looking taller for petite women. These petite fashion or clothing blogs are usually great places to look for such advice!

Finally, petite fashion blogs are also really fun to read, and by reading them, you may even piece together great ideas on how to dress by combining tips and coming up with your own style of dressing to look taller!

How To Look Taller As A Petite Woman

One of the biggest wishes of petite women is to look taller (or at least appear to look more proportional).

Here are some tips by Miss Louie.

If you want  to read what she said instead, then check out the following:

  • Wear a flare bottom jeans which are long enough so that even if you wore high heels underneath, they would be able to cover the heels but not too long so that they will scrape the floor.
  • Wear a maxi skirt or a maxi skirt. What you’re doing is raising the waist line and accentuates your waist line which makes you look taller than you really are.
  • Pulling your hair into a top knot also works really great for helping petite women look taller. Although this may sound a little funny, it is very useful advice and works really well. Try it out!
  • Wearing V-neck tops is going to help you look taller. This is because it elongates you from top to bottom and makes you appear taller than you really are as a petite woman!
  • Another simple tip is to wear dresses with vertical stripes. Yes, it sounds simple but it works.

Hopefully you like the above tips and make sure to subscribe to Miss Louie channel as well if you liked it!

Reviews Of Top Petite Fashion Bloggers

There are several petite fashion bloggers and blogs out there, but clearly, not every one of them is good. Here’s my take on some of the more popular petite clothing blogs online.

1. Prudence

Prudence Petite Style is one of the fastest growing petite fashion blogs I have ever seen, and perhaps, rightly so. One of the unique things about Prudence Petite Style is that it focuses more on reviews of clothing stores online.

Many petite clothing blogs share about how to dress better as a petite woman, but few of them actually share their reviews about petite clothing online stores.

One of the biggest pain point for petite women in the US is the lack of petite clothes for them to purchase both offline and online. And among the few stores that actually sell such suitable clothing online, many women are apprehensive as they have not purchased from the shop before and may not know if the quality of the clothes are good or bad. Prudence shares lots of advice on where to buy such petite clothing online and that is one of the reasons why her blog is quickly becoming a phenomenon in the United States. If you’re searching for stores to buy from, then Prudence is a great person to get advice from.

2. Extra Petite

Which review of petite blogs can go without a review of Extra Petite? If Prudence shares great reviews of stores to purchase petite clothing from, then Jean shares great reviews of specific clothes she has bought.

If you look at her wardrobe and the way she looks, you would never guess her real height. That is because she has great tastes in the clothes that she purchases and they suit petite women extremely well. Therefore, I would highly recommend you to check out her blog and read her reviews of the clothes she has purchased. If you’re searching for very particular articles of clothing which will suit a petite woman, then Jean is definitely the go-to person for you.

Dressing Fashionably As A Petite Woman

If you’re a petite woman, chances are, you would be hard pressed to find clothes that fit you. It is rather depressing that even as the world seem to increase the clothing sizes to cater to the plus sized women, they seem to forget petite women! This irritates me greatly, but thankfully, there are increasingly many a great petite clothing blog reviewing online stores and places. These petite clothing and fashion blogs usually dish out great advice in terms of how to dress fashionably as well as reviews of stores, and I highly recommend you read these posts on such blogs if you are not already doing so!

Here are some good reasons why I think it’s important to read such blogs as a petite woman.

– As a petite woman, unless your mum or friends are petite as well, you probably have not received much good advice on how to dress well and fashionably. Most of the fashion advice on regular fashion blogs as well as magazines is for women who are at least of average height and size. Since you’re petite, these advice need not necessarily apply well to you.

– Most female friends may give you tips on how to wear clothes to look slimmer. That is the most common type of advice being passed around from woman to woman. However, when it comes to you, you need to know how to dress so that you look taller and not so petite. You want to ideally look well proportioned. If you do not take the right advice, you may end up looking very short or tiny.

– Most reviews of blog shops as well as online clothing stores for women are for women of regular size. Few blogs review petite clothing stores online, and only petite clothing blogs review such things. Therefore, it is important for you to read these reviews of online stores by these petite clothing blogs. This is especially the case if you do not have stores selling petite clothes near where you are.